Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Foreign Exchange

Its one of those days when i woke up wondering why there are never enough days in the weekend. Especially as i had been planning and looking forward to that weekend-as eagerly as Kenyan farmers wait for the rainy season in March.So it was all in the past now, huh?! And i'm all high and dry now.
Its the kind of day you want to forget quickly. Consolation is that when the week starts on Tuesday, the period between Monday and Friday is considerably reduced. Before you know it, its mid-week. Thursday drags itself.But then again Friday shows up.
To ease myself through this post-holiday-end-of-the-first-day-back-to-work, i decide to sign into my blog.Like a well laid out conspiracy, i can't find or get the control panel to display in English-it all comes up in Polish-needless to say that my vocabulary hasn't expanded enough to decipher what the Polish words mean.I have to guess. Guess work can be tiring. Then i find my way through.
Seemingly, only a good dose of neo soul ('neo soul?!what's neo soul?') can get me unnerved and relaxed and chilled out.'Blog-surfing' for good neo soul music yields interesting results.
The Foreign Exchange.Its that kind of day.

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