Wednesday, April 27, 2011


You are living abroad and get invited to give a 30-minute presentation about your country to a high school class. Whatever you think is most important. What would you say? Perhaps some history? Geography? Culture? Economics? How much detail is necessary? Statistics or analysis or opinions?

In a world where information is now readily available on the internet, whether you are talking about Kathmandu or Pago Pago or Kamchatka, what new perspectives would you give, that technology would be deficient of?
I have decided that i have done enough consultations and held numerous committee meetings in my head about these concerns and more, and now its time to simply relax and look forward to interacting with the students of a 'Gimnazjum' in the town of Ciechocinek the location of what will for them be lessons in 'Kenyalogy'-which i hope will be interesting.The results will be here, regardless of the outcome.

A spa park in Ciechocinek
Meanwhile, i have decided to use technology and see what i can find about Ciechocinek on the internet.The town has a website in several languages: Polish, English, German, French and Czech. Fascinating! Most of what i have heard so far is about the town's saline springs that go back as far as the 13th Century. The town is described as an important hub for natural curative resources and 'one of the most popular health resort towns in Poland'.For the citizens of East Africa, i can assure you that it is not another Loliondo, just incase you were wondering!
To read more about 'The Pearl of Polish Health Resorts' check out: Hopefully i will find time to see the town and bring you my first hand experiences of it.
Do następnego razu!

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