Saturday, December 11, 2010

Peculiar Kenyan: Second Instalment

On the eve of Jamhuri Day, when Kenya gained its independence (12th Dec.1963) and also became a 'Republic' (12th Dec.1964), it seems a good moment to reflect on what makes us Kenyan.
If you are a Kenyan who reads this blog, you probably remember my post in October about 'The Peculiar Kenyan', a book by Sunny Bindra on the things that make us peculiar as Kenyans. Well, if you don't remember, no problem! We Kenyans have very short memories! How else do you explain the fact that we keep re-electing the same buffoons every five years, only for them to rip us off?
"The Peculiar Kenyan"

Last weekend, i made my way to Silverbird Westgate for the launch of the book 'The Peculiar Kenyan'. Choosing not to be peculiar, i bought a copy and had the honor of meeting Sunny again and having him sign it. The peculiar thing would be to wait for someone else to buy it, borrow and never return.
Sunny Bindra author of 'The Peculiar Kenyan"
 From our politics, road-rage, and sense of patriotism (or lack of it) to our ways of doing business and professional hypocrisy, Sunny has a way of holding the reader's attention and getting them to look at their own habits...peculiar habits.

As Christmas approaches, has it ever struck you as peculiar why nyama choma (roasted meat) seems to be the limit of our culinary ambitions?
This book would make a great Christmas/New Year's gift for Kenyans (or anyone who has lived here and observed our peculiarities). Get your copy!
Happy Jamhuri Day!!

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