Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tahrir? Who would have thought!!

Its only the 13th day of February, 2011. But with the events that have characterized the year so far, especially in the Maghreb, it feels like we have lived through a longer period of the year.
I found two things that in my own estimation aptly express what has and is still happening in Egypt and Tunisia thus far. The first, a youtube video with images from Tahrir square and the second a poem by Stephen Partington, and i share these with you:

Just because the Pharaohs forced
Their slaves to build the pyramids,
It doesn’t mean that presidents
May tyrannise a populace!
A brave man sets himself on fire
And soon the whole Maghreb’s alight,
And aged rulers hide themselves
Or flee their states in gutless flight.
Ben Ali of Tunisia
Absconded to Arabia
When countless of his countrymen
Objected to his mania.
Now thousands of Egyptians have
Protested down the Cairo streets
With placards, courage, hope and might,
Insisting that Mubarak leaves.
It’s clear that guns and riot shields
Soon melt before a peaceful crowd;
What’s happened in North Africa
Should make the wider continent proud.
Who knows if these fresh Winds of Change
Will blow east, to Arabia,
Or if this Nile of Promise will
Flow southwards, up to Africa?

A wonderful  Sunday to you all!

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