Friday, November 12, 2010

The tale of two Mayors..Part II

Here's an update on an earlier post. Remember the case of the two Mayors?
Dr.Bossman and his supporters
Well, one is still smiling.By the time i finish writing this piece, the swearing-in ceremony of Ghanaian-born Dr. Peter Bossman, as Mayor of the Slovenian city of Piran, will begin at Piran City Hall.
Piran City Hall
Already the media have nick-named him 'Obama of Piran', never mind all the troubles that Obama has had to cope with in the last couple of months in the mid-term elections. In Nairobi, Mr.Geoffrey Majiwa is no longer Mayor, and is quite busy consulting his lawyers and attending court sessions.
Mr.Majiwa leaves court
And now there is a third entrant! In Uganda, interesting things are happening. Dr. Ian Clarke, an Irish-born doctor who runs the International Hospital Kampala, has announced his intention to run for a council seat in Kampala, that represents approximately 400,000 people.
Dr.Clarke and his adopted daughter Rose
From my scanty research, it seems that Dr. Clarke has a good track-record in community development, not only in Uganda, but in the East African region. It will be interesting to see what the voters decide.
Dr.Clarke at work
 Who knows, maybe Dr. Clarke will go on to become Mayor of Kampala in a few years! The world really is a global village!
I hope there will be a part three to this story...i strongly suspect there will be...but it all depends on the citizens of Piran, Kampala...and the judicial system of Kenya!

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